Thursday, May 31, 2007

My idea of poetry

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I like peanut butter,
I can't swim.
That poem made me laugh for days in junior high school. True story. I remember the kid who wrote it and I can even tell you what he was wearing when he read it aloud in class. I know we all have weird things that have stuck in our brains for some unknown reason. Things that make you go hmmmmm...

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'm bummed.....

One of my best friends, Kathie, is moving to Colorado tomorrow. We have rode together for 5 years now and have logged probable 10,000 miles together. Her quick wit just made those miles just fly by. It's going to be hard to find a replacement.

Cat, my cycling inspiration, is moving to Washington in a few weeks. She is a perfect example of what a female athlete is: her strong will and balanced training program enables her to consistantly achieve her goals. I frequenlty look to her for advice.

One of my longest and dearest friends, Marion, has been battling cancer for about a year now. We thought she had it licked, but it became increasingly aggressive over this past month. Yesterday, she told me that the doctors are giving her 2 months to live. If she continues with the strong chemo treatments, she will live up to 6 months.

I am so saddened by this string of events. Kathie, Cat and I will be able to e-mail and talk, but with Marion it is different.....this is difficult to swallow.

Friday, May 25, 2007

The Grand Canyon on a motorcycle

This is our self-portrait, riding across the Mojave Desert. It was only about 95 degrees, so the ride was nice. Lots and LOTS of
interesting rock formations in this region.

Look closely.... we paid $4.49 per gallon in the middle of the desert.

I got a Gatorade and Luna Bar for $7.50, too.

We were at almost 7,500' on the South Rim of the GC. We did not expect rain and were not prepared, so we bought these cheapie raincoats at the gas station.

This is the only way I could look over the edge-I really thought I was next to the edge, but apparently not. Being a mile above ground is so spooky. It's really windy and the ground can be loose.

This is a Havasupi drawing on the inside of a hidden cave. Our tour guide drove us in a Jeep for several miles into the back country and then we hiked up the limestone to get into this secluded cave. There were several painting/drawings there. All have been radiocarbon tested for authenticity and date back 1200-700 years.

A photo op, that needs no explanation.

On the way home, we diverted to the old mining town of about secluded; it is located on the original Route 66 and tucked away in the barren hills. This town has one street of their original 1800's buildings, that are hardly up to building code....which makes it more exciting. There are 12 burros that roam/own the streets. The shops sell carrots that we can feed to these friendly beggers.

*1,500 miles in 5 days, $140 in gas, 3 Power Bars, 2 sunburns, 1 root beer float and a partridge in a pear tree...........

Monday, May 21, 2007

Kern Stage Race rehash.....

Four races in three days......I have never raced so much, eaten so much and never had so much fun. This team is incredible! Velo Bella was the largest in numbers of all the teams, in all categories and it was a Bella podium sweep, too!

Miss Mary and Tyler setting up Bella camp at Stage #1, the 10-mile time trial. Tons o'fun!
Michael, Jeff, Tyler and Miss Mary took great care of detail was left out. We are so fortunate to have this type of suppport. I know the other teams were green with envy.

The team dinner-not only did we have a terrific pasta meal and great conversation, we had some fun strategy talk going on.
This was the view down towards Lake Isabella.
We just finished Stage #4, the hilly road race. All of these races were pretty high up and driving the RV, proved to be a challenge in some spots....low trees, banked pavement and cows in the road.

After each race, we would gather to talk about what happened....eating and drinking the entire time, of course! This was taken at Stage #4, the hilly road race.
Sabine and Michael's kitty had free reign of the RV. Here she is peering out of the screen door. Cute!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Kathie's outta' here!

Our "Biker Chicks" group has been meeting at CA Pizza Kitchen, on birthdays and holidays for several years now. This is the first time we assembled for a Farewell Dinner. Kathie, a Fresno Bella, is moving to Boulder in a few weeks.

Group pic L towards the back:
Lori Dawnette Jonna Kathie Lourie
From the R towards the back:
Tracie Me Heidi

Vee left moments earlier, darn it! If you click on the photo, you can see each of our cheery faces better!

As customary, our dinner is followed with a visit to Cold Stone Creamery. Dinner was great, but we're going to miss
Ms. Reid for sure.........

L to R:
Jonna Dawnette Kathie

Just a photo...

James, Jimmy and me
The only thing missing here is Sheree'....since she lives in Oregon, she wasn't able to make it into this shot. Drats!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Lots on my plate, right now....

Boy, am I pooped and I haven't even rolled up to the start line:

To best prepare for the upcoming Kern Stage Race (4 races in 3 days) coach has me doing some kick-ass hill intervals, along with long rides on Saturday. I am getting stronger, but boy am I pooped.

I had to work 4 straight days (GASP) and some of the days were 13 hours. I made a ton of $$, but boy am I pooped.

This is finals week. Wholy moly! I am so dang smart now, but boy am I pooped.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

By popular demand....

This is James and his Harley---that I wish he would sell. Fortunately, he does not ride it too often. He's 25 years old.

Sheree' is carrying her cousin, Max. This is her cat, Ariddia, whom we have joint custody of. Until she gets a place that will allow cats, this beauty stays with us. Sheree' is 28.
I have had several people ask, when I'm going to post pics of my kids. I guess you're sick of seeing my bikes and pets, eh? So, here are the most recent photos we have. Golly, I need to update my photos. They're great kids, for sure.