Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Vacation Recap.......

Since there is no way that I could possibly write about everything we did/saw/experienced into a single blog entry, I've decided to just post the highlights. Here is a smidgen of what we did on a Aspencade............

-almost 4,000 miles
-11 states
-about 400 photos were taken
-$460.00 in gas, prices ranging from $3.76 to $5.85 a gallon
-rode 300-500 miles a day
-2 'rest days'
-temps from 25-109 degrees
-hotels from $39.00-$400.00 a night
-crossed the Continental Divide 3 times
-Hoover Dam
-Zion Park
-Bryce Canyon Park
-Devil's Tower
-Crazy Horse
-Mt. Rushmore
-Grand Tetons
-Yellowstone Park
-Yosemite Park
-Lake Tahoe

It is so good to be home, back on a routine; riding my bike,
eating normally, sleeping with the dog, watering the plants.
Normalcy is a good thing.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just Married.....again

We renewed our wedding vows in Lake Tahoe, Nevada this afternoon and we went to the same chapel that we were married in 27 years ago. This was the last stop on our 4,000 mile motorcyle journey over the past few weeks.

I'll blog more about that later, afterall, this is my honeymoon..............

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A normal person, please......

I manage the bar at a country club and we placed an ad in the paper, soliciting for a bartender--I interviewed almost 40 people. I hired one. TRUE recants of the day:

1) Almost half of the applicants did not bring a writing utencil.

2) The first male applicant had 'WHITE BOYZZ' tattooed across his knuckles. He asked me if his ink was a problem for the company. "This is a friggin country club, buddy!!!"

3) One gal had so much collagen injected into her lips, she could hardly talk. Or maybe, it was due to her gigantic tongue ring; I am not sure which caused her verbal imparement.

4) A bartender who bragged about all of his female-beer-guzzling-admirers, then casually mentioned he was fired from his last bar, due to accusations of stealing.

5) I cannot forget the middle-aged lady, who looked like Lady Marmalade. Her overprocessed platinum colored hair, shiny pink corset with a dark pink bra peeking out, lycra peddle-pushers and sky-high platform heels that only strippers wear and of course, she reeked of cigarettes.

One looser after another. I endured six solid hours of interviews for practically nothing. Where are the normal people, I ask?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Got gas???

I am not speaking of the flatulence type of gas....I am referring to gasoline.

It costs me $80.00 to fill my tank, which is a major deterrent to my traveling plans. I wanted to race this weekend, but the cost of gas would have exceeded any winnings that I may have earned. Multiply this by my usual weekly gasoline usage and I would have $160.00 spent.

These prices are really cramping into my race plans and that makes me angry.