Monday, March 24, 2008

1 Bike, 2 Bras and 3 Bees.....

1 Bike

I grabbed my Cadillac of a bike to head out for a 80 degree workout consisting of some sprints and high cadence work;
which leads me to the next topic--the right bra for this job.

2 Bras

Bra #1, though quite industrious looking with it's 4 clasps,
1 1/2" wide shoulder straps and drab gray cotton, it holds the
girls in securely during the high cadence workout. When I stand up to sprint, everything stays in it's bouncing here.

Bra #2, is three years old and was (at one time) a compression
bra. The color is still vibrant and matches the Velo Bella kit so
perfectly, that I can unzip the jersey a bit lower than usual.
Since the fabric is stretched out, it allows my DD's to swing
to and fro in the hunched-over cyclist position.

3 Bees
Off I went on my Caddy and in Bra #2, into the agricultural
abyss, known as Fresno. Where there are fruit trees, there
are blossoms, and where there are blossoms there are bees.
LOTS! Wearing baggy Bra #2, created a gap between my
clavicle and bosom area. A bee flew in and stung me on the
left one. A few moments later a bee got wedged into my helmet
vent and stung my cranium when I tried to remove him.

As I rolled into my driveway, with an itchy boob and lumpy
scalp, a bee had the audacity to land on my handlebars. With
a quick flick, I knocked him into next week.

1 Bike, 2 Bras, 3 Bees and a Partridge in a Pear Tree......

Thursday, March 20, 2008

How we roll in Avila Beach.....

We loaded the beach cruisers and Bo into the R.V., and headed to Avila Beach for a few days. Since it was Spring Break for most, we were packed in like sardines and did not have the elbow space we usually enjoy, but we were fortunate to get our usual spot on the beach.

There is a terrific bike trail in the city and we rode for about 10-miles....which is alot on those balloon tires, with no gears. Bo, being almost 14-years old has arthritis and cannot walk further than a few blocks, so he rides in the kiddie stroller and takes in the scenery. We ate gelato, had espresso and people watched, for 3 glorious days at the beach.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

High "Awwwww" Factor...

This is a pic of what Wilddingo posted on her site:

This is the pic Marscat posted on her site, in response to Dingo:

Here is my pic in reply to Dingo and Marscat. Though not a real animal, he still has alot of "Awwwwww" qualities.

Dang, I crack myself up.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring Riding...

I went on a 2.5 hour endurance ride with a friend today. The great thing about doing endurance mileage, is that you get to stop and smell the flowers, without any fear of your HR dropping. When my HR is at 150 I can enjoy the scenery, sounds, and scents that a cyclist has the opportunity to enjoy.

There are ACRES of these wild flowers on the hillsides. The entire valley is in bloom right now and is amazing.

This lovely gal was happy to pose for me. I think she wanted to be petted, but I was too nervous to approach her. Her compadre, in the corner, was being distracted by my friend.
I am so fortunate to experience these kinds of simple things. Some people never get to see beyond their cubicle.......and that is sad.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Day Four....

Apparently, Jimmy added the wrong cleaning solution to our fountain. Good thing there are no koi in there.....

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Italian Teddy Bear....

I am Italian so I can post this.......if you are offended by racial stereotypes, SORRRRY...