Friday, March 30, 2007

They have us trained....

Preston is on the left.
Bo is to the right.

To you, they probable look identical, but they are a few years apart and are not related. We have a gizillion photos of these two, but they always have a cat or two around them. Trying to get them to pose, without one of those dastardly cats stealing the show, proved to be difficult.

Sheree' found Bo wandering the streets, while she was delivering the Fresno Bee, in 1994, at some ungodly hour of the morning. He was a lost, 8-week old puppy. I posted flyers around the neighborhood, trying to locate the owner of this purebred cutie. Nobody claimed him. Not one call, which was fortunate for us. Our first pet.

I found Preston at ARF, a no-kill shelter, here in Fresno. My friends and I went there to make a holiday donation and I made the mistake of taking a peek at the pooches. Pres was an absoulte mess. None of the visitors were paying attention to him; due to his advanced stage of mange, he had no fur on his leg and chest. His social skills were atrocious; he growled at everyone, pooped on any flat area and would bite his own leg. He was the dog for us.

These two are our pride'n joy. When Sheree' and James moved out, Bo and Pres filled our time and attention. The dogs would go with us to Yosemite, Pet Smart is always a favorite, rides in the RV, walks....most everywhere. They wore matching holiday collars and t-shirts. Everynight, Jimmy would lay on the floor, play ball and wrestling with them.

Pres died suddenly in Decemeber 2006. We were saddened, beyond my imagination. Bo was in mourning for almost 6 weeks and he is still, not the same without his buddy. Pres has a nice plot in our yard with a beautiful stone marker. Unfortunately, we know that Bo will be alongside him soon.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I got side tracked....

Jimmy and I are going to take a 1 week trip to see the Grand Canyon, in June. We each have our own Harley--which are hardly ridden--but we'll be riding the Goldwing. I call it the Oldwing, because all of the years we rode Harley's, he would make fun of the retired guys riding on a couch that they called a motorcycle. Imagine, my shock and horror when I saw a Goldwing parked in our garage. The level of comfort is almost amazing. Even visually, the differences are obvious. Today, I am searching for guides to give us a mini-Grand Canyon tour.

I have intervals to do now, so I need to hop onto my bike.
No motor, no gasoline....pure sweat gets me through this workout.
Kathie (L) Heidi (M)
Me (R)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Security issues?

Two great friends (who's opinions I value deeply) called, to warn me about the newest issue with having a personal blog. It seems that some employers are looking into blog sites, to get the real dirt on a see if they are worthy employees. Since my blog name is my real name, it would be really easy for anyone to find me. I contemplated changing to an alias name.

I thought about it for a bit, then opted not to change my blog name. Why? Because there isn't a darn thing I would do, at any time, that would jeopardize my integrity. With that, I openly invite any of my employers to read my blog.
Next topic: I'll be posting some pics tomorrow of my family. We are an eclectic group of beings, as you will see.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Wholy Guacamole!

I am the epitome of the computer dork....I know so little about these things. So, it seems funny that I wanted to create my own blog.

Step #1: Where in the heck do I begin? Turning to teammate and veteran blogger, Flandria, she gave me the website to get started.

Step #2: Now, that I've chosen my template, I am ready to get typing. So far, it's simple simon.

Step #3: Consider this an intro to my blog and as I learn how to add pics and stuff, it'll become more interesting.

My plan is to post alot of my racing stuff, pics of my pets and family. I suppose that is what most blog sites consist of, but you will see, that my racing stuff is super exciting, my pets are uber cute and my family quite interesting. Until then, the only pic I can offer is of Jimmy and I. Since he is an intrique part of my life, it makes sense that I would drag him into blog-cyberspace with me.

I'll post more once I learn how to........