Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mother Nature needs to make up her mind.....

It rained, I mean POURED, last week and this week we are expecting 65-78 degrees. Today I rode out to do a hill fit-test for coach and it was amazingly beautiful. The snow capped mountains were easily visible, hundreds of calves were frolicking on green hills, and blossoms on fruit trees abound.

When I got home, I washed the ol' bike for the first time in ages. It has been so cold, that if my bike needed a cleaning, I would squirt the hose on it for a few mili-moments and then run back in the house. Today, was the exception. I cleaned the gears, washed the tires, and de-gunked the chain so it is clean for tomorrow's ride. It is supposed to be 70. Gotta love living in Cali.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Roses are truly red,
Violets are nearly blue,
Seven straight days of rain,
Makes Denise feel like freakin' poo.
Didn't know I was such a poet, huh??

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's Day recap....

Jimmy gave me some wonderful 'unmentionables' from Victoria's Secret, in a special gift basket; this was the first time he ever bought anything from that store and I was flabbergasted. Also, he brought me a dozen of the most beautiful, peach-colored roses, I have ever seen.

I bought him a new wedding band and asked him to remarry me. Honestly, I was a bit nervous about the entire thing, as he thinks that renewing wedding vows are hookey. What if he were to laugh at the idea or worse yet, what if he turned down my proposal?

Fortunately, he said "yes" (and quite happily). June will be our 28th anniversary and I know most couple renew their vows on their 25th or 50th anniversary, but I cannot wait until then. I am hopelessly, madly in love with my husband and I cannot wait a few more years. We'll do this by ourselves on the beach..........

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Jackass Driver

This is a brand-new, 4' wide, bike lane. I'm rolling along today and I feel the presence of a vehicle coming up on my rear.......uncomfortablely close. He is pulling a small trailer and as he passes by me on this curve, his trailer serves into my lane. He pushes me over the curb (fortunately, it is nicely sloped) and into the dirt.

I flipped him off (something I have done only one other time) and then shouted "C*#K SUCKER!" (that word I have used only once, as well). I was really hoping he would have pulled over. I was so angry. The entire way home, I was looking for that black trailer with snow on the bumper. I envisioned flattening all of his tires.

Bast*/!d. (that word I use alot)

Lookin' for land....

Jimmy and I want to buy this piece of property. It has all of the features we are looking for: seasonal streams, rolling hills, electricity, a well, and still within 30 minutes of Fresno. All we want is 10-acres and we're ready to sign the papers. The problem? $125,000 per acre. My math is not so hot, but I was quick to realize that this is off of our list. We'll keep looking......