Saturday, July 28, 2007


(L) CVC racer chick, Vee Easterling looks incredibly adorable at 17 weeks pregnant (it's going to be a boy). I've been trying to convert this gal to race for us, for years now. As soon as this baby is born, I'll get her into a Bella jersey! We can't let her CVC hubby Eric, know..... :-)

(R) Bella Lisa, is the spittin' image of Vee. She's going to make San Ardo her first road race, so we've been putting some good miles on the road; getting her comfortable in the pack, some accelerations and tossing in some hillwork.

Another awesome ride in the valley.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What makes for a good ride?

*Great terrain
*90 degrees at 10:am
*Terrific friends....what else do you need???

Monday, July 23, 2007

Albany Criterium-my recollection

A 15-minute warm-up proves insufficient for any crit, moreso with this course. I opted to chit chat with Laura, instead of spinning.....more fun than sitting on the trainer, but it doesn't do much for my cardio or quads.

We had 6 Bellas at the start line, in a full field of fifty. I was told that there was even a waitlist for this race and several girls didn't get to race. Fortunatley, all of the Bellas were in.

The simple 4 corner street was well paved and clean. It started on a wide decline and then funneled into a tight 1 lane turn. Unfortunatley, a couple of gals went down in this corner and needed medical attention.

Another turn and we head up an incline. This part didn't seem so imposing on the warm-up lap, so it didn't worry me so much. The clincher is having to do it 25 times or so. We broke off into a chase group, where Laura and I made a strong attempt to close the gap.

Turning into the last corner, we're approaching the decline/start/finish. Whenever you see a hay bale, you know there is pending doom for someone that day......

Post-race, we regroup and talk about the 45-minute slobber and drool fest. Erica won a case of Gu drink mix, which she promptly shared with each of us.....Crisp Apple. Delish!

Tracy's hubby, Tim
Angela's hunny, Doug

I really liked this course and will do it again; with a better warm-up. Though my goal was not achieved, I REALLY, REALLY had a great time racing with my teammates.

My friend, Mary, made the 3.5 hour trek with me and she took all of these race pics. On the way home, we stopped at Fuzio's in Livermore and had one of these. It looked better me. Chicken, tofu and sprouts.

This is another reason why I race--to eat.

Friday, July 13, 2007

No pity for this pussy-cat...

This is our cat, appropriately named Fat Cat. He came to our front porch, about 9 years ago, after being hit by a car; his leg and scapula had been shattered into a million pieces. Being a stray, we felt really bad for the guy, so we opted to pay for his vet bills and called him "ours."

He plays with our other kitties, jumps up and down the tables,climbs on top of the desk and fights with the others, so has completely adapted. He may look pitiful, but this is one tough kittie.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Third time must be a charm....


This was my second race in the past three days, and for the second time things did not go as planned. These past two races, were supposed to give me the last few points I needed to upgrade...... I was so friggin bummed!

Coyote Creek Circuit Race, grouped all of the women into a single field, making for a large start with a range of skilled and unskilled pack riders. Midway on the only hill, I hear squelching a few shoulders over--which means someone is going down. I tried to accelerate out of the area of pending carnage, but EMC gal Kim, fell directly in front of me, which pushed me into the curb of the sidewalk. It was not her fault, as it was the result of the "domino effect" of racing and crashing.

EMC and I untangle our bikes and we checked to make sure all was well with our equipment. We look up and the field has crested the hill.....sigh. She felt really bad for taking me out and she pulled my butt to the end of the finish line!! EMC even offered to let me cross the finish line first, but that would not be kosher, in my book.

Even though my race plan fell through, I had an awesome training ride and made an new alliance, which is really cool. Our team went for a spin afterwards to chat about our race and that was a great way to end my day in San Jose.

Lafayette criterium, here I come.........

Thursday, July 5, 2007

4th of July, Davis criterium

Legs spinning well? Check

Hydrated and fed? Check

Managable heart rate? Check

Course that suits my strengths? Check

Sunny, warm weather? Check

Awesome teammates? Check

Everything was in perfect alignment for me this morning. Soni, Angela, Julie and I rolled out, with a large field of familiar faces. We had a few SUPER-SQUIRELLY gals, who proved to make this course a bit more challenging than it should have been.

Bellas were riding safe'n smart and I was relishing in the moments ahead, when I would cross the finish line in the Top 10, so I can finally unpgrade. My rear wheel blew out on the corner and I was thrilled to keep upright. After a quick pit stop, I was pushed out, to catch the field. My HR went from 150 to about 190 in lickity split. Tried as I might, I could not catch on to the group.....I limped off the course and expressed my woes to Bunny's hubby.

The 3.5 hour drive, proved to be gravely disappointing. Coyote Creek, here I come.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Follow me on my ride...

I rode right after work; this is the country club where I bartend. $$$$

I traveled across the street, where there is a working ranch. I believe these are called Long-Horned Bulls and they are huge! See the baby?

The scenery changes again, just a few miles down the road. This is a man-made lake where the all of the fancy-schmany homes are built, on a 2.5 mile loop. Each home has its' own boat dock. It really is a pretty neighborhood, but in the summer this lake reeks like nobody's business. This is where I did my sprints.

Spinning out my legs after the intervals, I ride around a bit more, towards the park. There are a gizillion friendly ducks and geese to greet every human that approaches them. I tried to get pics of the babies, but mom would not let me get any closer than this.

I loaded my bike back into my truck and head home, after an 1.5 hour ride. Today was about 100 degrees, with light's kind've like sitting under a hair dryer at the salon. Awesome day. I am so lucky to have this life.